Together, We Will Bounce Back Turning the dial back on social distancing guidelines will take time, and we can only do so if everyone is pulling in the same direction. We need the Legislature, the Governor, and the people of Wisconsin to each keep doing their part so we can move our state forward again- sooner rather than later.
You’re Making a Difference The best way to approach this is not to assume that you could catch coronavirus by breaking isolation and coming into contact with others. Assume, instead, that you are already contagious and act accordingly. Do your part to protect your loved ones, neighbors, and the healthcare workers...
We are Safer at Home For a virus with no standard treatment and no vaccine, our best defense lies outside of the healthcare system. It lies with us. It is our responsibility now to limit our exposure to other people outside of our families.
Be a Helper Don’t buy surgical masks and gloves that nurses need do their jobs. If you are otherwise healthy, don’t hoard alcohol swabs and wipes that people with chronic illnesses may rely on. Avoid burdening the healthcare system by staying out of crowded public places to prevent the spread.
Doing More to Support Family Caregivers I am so thankful for all the caregivers that joined us to share their stories this week. Family and other unpaid caregivers give up so much of themselves to keep their loved one safe, healthy, and happy. As Bonnie told us, they look to “find the grateful joy in every day.”
Investing in American Workers Here in rural Wisconsin, we need every dollar of investment we can get to support that effort. Plus, we all know that our Wisconsin-based manufacturers produce high quality, reliable products that are worthy of an increased investment.
Farming is our Future Our agricultural industry is the bedrock of our state’s economy and the strong communities that we hold so dear. From 4-H fairs to corn mazes, farming is inseparable from our identity. With agriculture at risk, we are fighting to make sure that it stays a critical part of our future.
It Happens Here I am cosponsoring a Joint Resolution to acknowledge the threat of human trafficking and make it clear that Wisconsin has zero tolerance for this modern-day slavery. We are committed to eliminating trafficking and ensuring liberty for all.
A Hope for Strong Communities this New Year My hope is that we will each strengthen and expand our social circles. Reach out to a relative you haven’t heard from in a while or sit down with a new person for coffee after church. Share your stories, spread some love, and keep the social support networks in our communities strong.


Spreading the Spirit of Christmas to those who Serve Serving on Christmas can feel isolating. We miss the Christmas Eve service or the opening of presents and it separates us from the traditions that the rest of our community enjoys. It also requires us to ask our families to make the same sacrifices.
Preventing Rural Homelessness As we work on preventing future homelessness, we also have to make sure that those who are about to head into a cold Wisconsin winter have a warm, safe, and comforting place to stay. Wisconsinites help each other- it is one of the things that makes me proudest to be a part of this community...
Honoring Our Veterans and Active-Duty Military There are thousands of veterans around this state and this country that were called to extraordinary service from ordinary circumstances, just like Ole. They were called to join a brotherhood and sisterhood of honor. I’m a proud Mom of two members of that brotherhood....
Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors In 2018, 65% of domestic violence homicides were committed with a gun. That’s why I am proud to be co-authoring bipartisan legislation with Senator Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield), Senate Bill 517, aimed at disarming convicted domestic abusers.
Getting Things Done on Common Ground Wisconsinites are tired of the partisanship portrayed in the media. With 12% of Wisconsin voters splitting their ballot across both parties, it’s clear that what matters is leadership on the issues that matter most, not the letter behind our names.
Preventing Substance Abuse as a Community Addiction is a serious issue impacting our community every day, but there is hope. As October is National Substance Abuse Prevention month, let’s all take steps to reduce substance abuse in future generations.
Taking Action to Slow CWD Spread I have been joined by some of my Democratic colleagues in taking action on this issue. I am co-authoring two bills with Representative Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) that will implement strategies that have been recommended by CWD experts.
We Can All Be the One to Prevent Suicide Be the one to ask if a friend or loved one if they are thinking about harming themselves. Be the one to listen without judgment. Be the one who connects them to help from family, religious leaders, therapists, or a hotline. Be the one to prevent self-harm and save a life.
Manufacturing an Economic Engine for Northwestern Wisconsin I will be working alongside representatives from the Wisconsin's Technical Colleges, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Pipe Trades Association, UW-Stout Discovery Center and Technology Transfer Institute, and others to develop the best solutions for Wisconsin and our district.
Clean Water a Deliberate Policy Choice Clean water is a health issue. It is an economic issue. It is a moral issue. It’s time we connect the dots and ensure that future generations can enjoy safe, clean water.
With Budget Complete, a New Hope for Bipartisanship Arises Finger-pointing and posturing are nothing new in politics. However, we have the power to find common ground and put people before politics. It’s on all of us to reach out and reach back when the opportunity for positive change presents itself.
Celebrate and Support our Nursing Assistants by Expanding Medicaid While we recognize the hard work of our nursing assistants, let’s also remember the ways that we can support them and our community. Expanding Medicaid is great way to do so.
Celebrating June Dairy Month Dairy is more than a product. It is a part of our state’s heritage. Look at the license plates around you, and you will see that we are indeed “America’s Dairyland.”
Make your voice heard at upcoming budget listening sessions In a complex document like the state budget, I’m sure there are many questions about what this means for the typical family. That’s why I’m excited for the flurry of budget listening sessions being hosted by the governor and legislators.
Addiction Brings Forth Community Engagement When it comes to addiction and how we can combat it, we need to talk about our priorities. In Madison, there is no greater signal of priorities than the state budget.
Evers’ Budget Provides a Start to Address Wisconsin’s Long-Term Care Needs Without change, the challenges facing our long-term care system will grow. We need real solutions and partnerships to prepare for the future.
Homeowners, Small Businesses to Gain under Plan to Close Dark Store Loophole The dark store loophole is affecting northwestern Wisconsin, too. Walmart and Menards sued the city of St. Croix Falls in 2017 looking for property tax adjustments. If the cases are successful, the companies could receive refunds of close to $100,000.
The Hill: Wisconsin Deserves Better than Foxconn's Constant Waffling Core elements of the deal keep changing, leaving taxpayers in the dark about when — or if — the state will see a return on its investment.
For Private Well Owners, Testing Can Bring Peace of Mind The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recommends private well owners test their water on an annual basis. Changes to the color, taste, or smell of one’s water can also warrant additional testing.


After Lame-Duck Power Consolidation, Where Do We Go From Here? These proposals are less exciting than the narrative of us versus them, but they matter to western Wisconsin. We were sent to Madison to serve the public, not fight over political power.
Giving Tuesday an Opportunity for Community Partnerships This Giving Tuesday, we have a choice to make about what kind of community we hope to be. Please consider donating to a local food shelf or supporting our local non-profits. We can all play a part to help support those struggling in our community.
October is National Farm to School Month All over the country, farm to school programs are empowering children to make informed and healthy food choices. These programs are also strengthening local food supply chains and building up local economies.
I Want to Hear From You! Serving constituents is the best part of my job. Whether I am helping people navigate state agencies or answering questions about legislation, I appreciate the opportunity to assist and engage with community members.
Recovery Month Shines Spotlight on Community Care Providers This September marks the 29th National Recovery Month. Recovery means that change is possible and that we can help people live up to the dignity and worth inherent in each of us.
Community Members Share Foxconn Concerns In Area Listening Sessions On August 2, Senator Janet Bewley and I hosted a pair of listening sessions in Rice Lake and Amery to talk about the $4.5 billion taxpayer incentive package to Foxconn, a Taiwanese-based electronics manufacturing company.
Happy Birthday, Medicare and Medicaid! Medicare and Medicaid will celebrate their 53rd birthday on July 30. Since the programs’ inception, millions of elderly, low-income, and disabled Americans have benefited from crucial health care coverage.
Youth Treatment Program Inspires Through Nature and Art Communities across Wisconsin are facing barriers in access for mental health treatment. For children who are still developing, these barriers can have life-altering implications.
Suicide: A Tale of Access Suicide has touched communities across the nation. The deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain – like all deaths from suicide – are tragic. While tragic, their deaths refocused the national attention on what is a growing suicide epidemic.
A Newcomer, a Look Back, and the Road Ahead I have helped people all my life - as a first responder, health care provider, and medical examiner - and I was ready to serve the communities of northwestern Wisconsin.
A Community Dialogue for Mental Health Awareness This past month, I traveled across western Wisconsin to engage in needed conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.
The Work of Our Teachers Teachers help shape our children’s future, and they know firsthand what it means to be resilient. In recent years, we have asked our teachers to do more with less.
Environmental Stewardship Extends Beyond Awareness As we take a look back at Earth Day, let us remember that our environment is something to protect. It is an investment that we, and the generations that come after us, will reap the benefits of.
Invest in Success, Science Olympiad Pays it Forward When I was in high school, Science Olympiad was just getting started, holding its first event in November 1974. Since then, Science Olympiad has grown nationwide with over 7,800 schools participating, including 98 here in Wisconsin...