LeMahieu Legislative Look Back

2017 Acts

  • Act 1 – helps Masters Gallery Foods, Inc. build a new cheese processing facility. The expansion will result in 120 new jobs.

  • Act 5 - is a technical fix that ensures concealed carry license holders have a valid license for a full 5 years.

  • Act 48 - allows local county clerks to photocopy a birth certificate during the passport application process. Act 48 saves applicants an unnecessary additional expense of $20.

  • Act 49 - offers school districts more freedom in purchasing used school buses, saving taxpayer dollars.

  • Act 50 - permits city council members the ability to indicate how they would like to be notified of a special meeting of the common council, and receive notifications by phone call, email, or text.

  • Act 57 – restored power to the Legislature by shifting it away from unelected state bureaucrats.

  • Act 118 – provided consistency to the utility industry by allowing utilities to perform wetland mitigation to the same stringent standards as other industries.

  • Act 120 – limits recounts to the margin of error (within 1% of winner). The new law helps ensure taxpayers are not on the hook for any unnecessary recount costs, and protects Wisconsin’s Electoral College votes.

  • Act 128 - increased the penalty for soliciting an underage person for sex to a Class G Felony. This gives law enforcement more tools to prosecute human traffickers.

  • Act 136 - improved the PSC’s day-to-day actions, reduces red tape and updates necessary safety operations.

  • Act 159 - requires the DNR to request a waiver from the EPA to use data collected from the Haven air quality monitor, which more accurately measures emissions produced in Sheboygan County.

  • Act 189 - exempts small Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) from an overly burdensome reporting requirement.

  • Act 190 - extends a sales tax exemption received by many non-profits to veterans’ service organizations, offering them more buying power to aid their fellow veterans.

  • Act 303 - promotes transparency in the process of buying and selling a condominium.