LeMahieu Legislative Look Back

2015 Acts

  • Act 6 – improved the process for non-profit organizations to conduct raffles to raise money.

  • Act 19 – increased the speed limit to 70 MPH.

  • Act 36 – modified the process and fees associated with election recounts to protect taxpayers.

  • Act 37 – adopted recommendations by county clerks to streamline election administration.

  • Act 97 – expanded the list of medical professionals that can determine if a person’s disability qualifies for a specialized hunting permit.

  • Act 110 – helps cemetery authorities care for their properties by granting new tools to manage their finances.

  • Act 121 – increased the statute of limitations for 2nd and 3rd degree sexual assaults from 7 to 10 years, helping victims bring predators to justice.

  • Act 143 – made it easier for a person who develops a family-like relationship with a child or the child’s family to obtain a subsidized guardianship status.

  • Act 166 – brought Wisconsin into compliance with federal requirements for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funding in regards to Kinship Care Appeals.

  • Act 167 – added flexibility and clarity to shoreland zoning ordinances at the county level.

  • Act 237 – streamlined regulatory requirements for cemeteries, eliminated outdated rules, and codified best practices into state law.

  • Act 238 – protects healthcare professionals by providing immunity during court-ordered cavity searches.

  • Act 239 – allows collection agency employees to work from home, removing a barrier to employment for individuals with disabilities or those who have transportation issues.

  • Act 261 – modernized Wisconsin elections by using technology to create secure online voter registration while cleaning up voter rolls to reduce fraud and errors.

  • Act 293 – provides protection for private campground owners from frivolous lawsuits, specifying there are inherent risks in camping.

  • Act 294 – expands access to mental health services in schools.

  • Act 295 – makes it easier for businesses to participate in interstate and international commerce by aligning Chapter 178 of Wisconsin Statutes with the Revised Uniform Partnership Act.

  • Act 296 – created a Milwaukee Bucks license plate, with proceeds to help offset the state’s contribution to the new arena.