Darling Statement on DOT Audit

Madison - On Thursday, the C0-Chair of the budget-writing Joint Committee on Finance, State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) issued the following statement regarding an audit of the Department of Transportation released by the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau.

"The audit raises some major concerns. The fact that the condition of our roads are some of the worst in the Midwest is troubling.

The state's transportation system is the backbone of our economy. Our roads link our manufacturers to markets, they get us to work, and they bring tourists into our state. Without quality roads, our citizens and our industries suffer.

While the audit shows many changes are needed, we have seen the department deliver projects on time and under budget. It's my hope DOT will follow these recommendations to make sure taxpayers have safe roads in the most cost efficient manner.

I look forward to working with the Governor and my colleagues to make our roads safer and to find a long-term solution to our transportation issues."