Madison - The goal of welfare reform is to move people from dependency to independence.  However, the safety net can sometimes be a snare to success.  The loss of benefits, like child care subsidies, can stop people from seeking or accepting promotions or better jobs. 
"I've talked to employers who had great employees turn down professional opportunities because the raise won't cover the loss of benefits from public assistance," Darling said, "A federal waiver will help Wisconsin continue to be a leader in welfare reform."
On Thursday, State Senator Alberta Darling and her colleagues sent a letter to Governor Walker asking him to seek a federal waiver to create a sliding scale to reform the welfare system.  A sliding scale would gradually decrease benefits until the worker can afford to completely move off government assistance.
"Public assistance should never hold people back from reaching their full potential," Darling said, "It's extremely difficult to accept a raise or a promotion if it means you lose your childcare.  It can keep people stuck in a cycle of government dependence."
Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha Counties.