September 8, 2014


Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on Staggering Budget Crisis 

MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding the announcement of a nearly $1.8 billion structural deficit:
“This setback is just the latest for our state’s economy, brought on by the failed policies of Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans. They have continuously put partisan politics and corporate interests before the needs of our communities and they’ve left our neighbors holding the bill.
“This latest blow to Wisconsin’s economy will force our hard-working Wisconsin neighbors and families to pay for the mistakes made by Republican leadership. Over the next two years, this $1.8 billion dollar deficit will cost individual Wisconsinites $300 each, or $1,200 for families of four. Given the current economic climate of Wisconsin being last in the Midwest in job growth, this is a price Wisconsin residents can’t afford.
“Over the past four years, Wisconsin Republicans have failed to improve our state’s economy, and have only pushed us further behind by ignoring sound investments in education and local economies. These recent numbers prove that we must make serious changes to our economic policies to again be nationally competitive.
“We must stop ignoring reality, act immediately to repair our economy, and get Wisconsin back on track.”