June 11, 2013
The Opening Salvo in the 2013 Republican War on Women
Senate Republicans Vote for Unfunded Mandate on Intruding on Women's Healthcare
MADISON – Today, Senate Republicans voted to require patients to undergo a state-mandated ultrasound, while doctors read from a government-mandated script describing the contents of an ultrasound to a patient.
"Today, the Republican war on women was launched on the most personal parts of a woman's body," said Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson. "Forcing doctors to perform an ultrasound for political, not medical, reasons is the epitome of government intrusion. With this bill, politicians inserted themselves into the private medical decisions of Wisconsin women.
"Once again, Republican Senators choose extreme ideology over job creation. Nothing that was passed today will do anything to create family sustaining, middle-class jobs in Wisconsin. Instead, Senate Republicans spent another day pandering to extreme special interest lobbyists with no promise of jobs in sight."