Senator Chris Larson has a long history of advocating for public transportation.



Transportation is a key issue for Wisconsin residents. Quality roads keep our drivers safe, and keep our economy moving forward.

Earlier this year, Governor Evers, with the support of legislative Democrats, created a transportation budget that would put Wisconsin on a sustainable path for future road projects. When Republicans scrapped the budget plans they turned their backs on sound fiscal policy and ensured only Wisconsin drivers are on the hook for the tab.

How? Instead of moderately raising the gas tax by ten cents and raising fees on heavy truck use (which would capture funds from out of state drivers using and abusing our roads), Republicans will raise the vehicle registration tax by $10 to $25 and raise auto title fees by 137%.

That’s not the only damage Republicans have done to our roads and transit system. Former Governor Walker’s rejection of the state contract for trains from Talgo resulted in a suit by the company that cost taxpayers some $50 million.

In 2016 and 2017 Wisconsin was part of a multistate settlement with the car manufacturer Volkswagen after they used software to circumvent emissions standards. As part of that settlement, Wisconsin is going to receive $25 million over the next two years.

Under the Democratic plan, $15 million would have gone to replacing public buses and $10 million to install electric vehicle charging stations across the state. This investment would signal that Wisconsin is serious about a clean vehicle future and smart public transportation.

However, Joint Finance Committee Republicans stripped the charging station funding and are instead proposing $22 million for state vehicles and public buses.

From my time as a Milwaukee County Supervisor to my time as your State Senator, I’ve advocated for dedicated public transportation funding.

The website list includes a list of all of the legislation I’ve introduced this session, where you can search for legislation based on keyword, topic, or bill number, and see committee schedules.