Senator Chris Larson believes healthcare is a right and is working to ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare.



During my time in the state senate, I have consistently sponsored legislation to expand quality, affordable healthcare options in Wisconsin; including legislation to accept the Medicaid expansion, which is supported by 70% of our neighbors.

Unfortunately, under the Republican legislative majority, Wisconsin remains one of the last 14 states that have rejected the Medicaid expansion, leaving our tax dollars to fund healthcare in the 36 other states that expanded healthcare options for their residents. This has caused us to miss out on $1.6 billion in returning federal tax dollars to Wisconsin. By expanding Medicaid, and thereby insuring an additional 82,000 residents (24,182 of those in Milwaukee), Wisconsinites would save $324.5 million in state tax dollars and private monthly health insurance premiums would be lowered by 7-11%.

I will continue to fight for basic and affordable healthcare access for our neighbors, including reproductive rights for women. I am co-sponsoring legislation to expand Medicaid, decriminalize marijuana, improve senior care, and reduce over inflated drug prices. These issues should not be partisan and I’m hopeful that I can find Republican legislators willing to work together to address these urgent needs.

Here is the current legislation I have sponsored to ensure all Wisconsinites have access to affordable healthcare:

SB100: Establishes certain price transparency requirements and requirements on contracts the pharmacy benefit manager enters into with pharmacies, pharmacists, or health benefit plan

SB416:  Requires the Department of Health Services to increase the reimbursement rates for home health care services provided under the Medical Assistance program

LRB-4562: The bill would require any new construction building or building undergoing over $10,000 in renovations to have a baby changing station available to both men and women.

The website list includes a list of all of the legislation I’ve introduced this session, where you can search for legislation based on keyword, topic, or bill number, and see committee schedules.