Senator Chris Larson is working to change the culture in Wisconsin by introducing legislation to prevent drunk driving.



Like most Wisconsinites, my life has been permanently affected by a drunk driver: on Christmas Eve 1998, I found out my good friend and classmate at Thomas More High School, Jennie, had been killed by a drunk driver.

It was a horrible - and preventable - tragedy.

Wisconsin is the only state that treats OWI first offense as a civil forfeiture and not a crime. I'm proud to have proposed legislation which would criminalize the first offense with the ability to have that criminal conviction amended to a civil violation after 5 years if they do not re-offend and the offender petitions the court.

I’m honored to be a Mothers Against Drunk Driving "Legislator of the Year" for working to reduce drunk driving, such as authoring all-offender ignition interlock legislation. I look forward to continuing to fight in the legislature to ensure that Wisconsin is no longer the only state in the country that doesn’t treat OWI first offense as a crime. Too many families have suffered preventable tragedies from drunk driving.

Here is all the legislation I have sponsored to help reduce drunk driving in Wisconsin and change our culture.

SB9: Relating to: penalties for offenses related to operating a vehicle while intoxicated and providing a penalty.

SB198: First offense OWI: petition to expunge records under certain conditions; ignition interlock device provision

AB61: Ignition interlock device requirement applied to all OWI offenses involving alcohol

: Ignition interlock device requirement applied to all OWI offenses involving alcohol

The website list includes a list of all of the legislation I’ve introduced this session, where you can search for legislation based on keyword, topic, or bill number, and see committee schedules.