Your Elected Officials

The following are the names, offices, and contact information for elected officials from all levels of government who represent residents of the 7th Senate District. Not sure which ones represent you? CLICK HERE to enter your address and access a full list of your elected representatives. Not sure which level of government is responsible for which issue? Contact my office and we’ll do our best to help!


Federal Government

The Federal Government of the United States has a broad range of authority over issues like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, our Military, Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Immigration, and more. 


United States Senate

Tammy Baldwin

Ron Johnson


House of Representatives

Gwendolyn Moore

Bryan Steil


State of Wisconsin

The 7th Senate District, which I represent, is an arm of the Wisconsin state legislature, which along with the Governor is responsible for the budget, laws, and administrative agencies of the State of Wisconsin. Along with our local governments, the State plays an important role in the funding and governance of our schools, criminal justice, natural resources, transportation, public health, and much more.



Governor Tony Evers

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes

Attorney General Josh Kaul

Treasurer Sarah Godlewski

Secretary of State Doug LaFollette


State Assembly

19th District - Jonathan Brostoff

20th District - Christine Sinicki

21st District - Jessie Rodriguez


Milwaukee County

County governments, like ours right here in Milwaukee County, are the local administrative arms of the State, and as such they require strong partnerships in order to function properly. I always strive to work in tandem with our County officials for the benefit of our 7th District families, and our state as a whole. County governments have broad responsibilities including the overseeing of our public parks, housing, transit and highways, public health, law enforcement, corrections, courts, and public records.



County Executive David Crowley

Comptroller Scott Manske

Clerk of Courts John Barrett

County Clerk George Christenson

District Attorney John Chisholm

Register of Deeds Israel Ramon

Sheriff Earnell Lucas

Treasurer David Cullen


Board of Supervisors

3rd District - Sheldon Wasserman

4th District - Ryan Clancy

5th District - Marcelia Nicholson (Chairwoman)

8th District - Steven Shea

9th District - Patti Logsdon

10th District - Supreme Moore Omokunde

14th District - Jason Haas


Municipal Governments

Municipal governments have jurisdiction over local fire and police departments, land use and zoning, public schools, local roads, municipal parks, garbage and recycling collection, waterworks, sewage, and snow removal, among other services.



Mayor Thomas Pavlic

Common Council

School Board



Mayor Steve Olsen

Common Council

School Board - Franklin

School Board - Oak Creek-Franklin



Mayor Tom Barrett

Common Council

School Board


Oak Creek

Mayor Daniel Bukiewicz

Common Council

School Board - Oak Creek-Franklin


Saint Francis

Mayor Kan Tutaj

Common Council

School Board


South Milwaukee

Mayor Erik Brooks

Common Council

School Board