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Gerrymandering: the addiction Republicans just can’t quit

January 23, 2024

Contact:Senator Chris Larson
(608) 266-7505


Madison, WI - If rigging maps were a drug, Wisconsin Republicans would be nose deep in it like Al Pacino at the end of Scarface. Gerrymandering is the one drug they just can’t seem to quit. Thankfully for our democracy, an intervention is coming soon.

We have no way of knowing exactly how bad the maps they rammed through the state Senate today are - and that’s exactly how they want it.

One thing is certain, Wisconsin Republicans will do whatever it takes to maintain their ill-gotten majority. On the other hand, if we end gerrymandering, all they’ll be left with is the same old bad ideas that Wisconsin voters continue to reject in statewide races in election after election.

In a few short weeks, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will select a map that is constitutional and fair. I have faith that once the rigged maps are thrown out, the people of our state will elect leaders who get politicians out of the business of choosing their own voters, and establish a fair and impartial process for future redistricting cycles.

Hopefully, today will be one of the last times we have to witness a Republican caucus that’s become a little too high on their own supply.