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Feeding kids or feeding bigotry? Senate Republicans choose bigotry

February 13, 2024

Sen. Chris Larson
(608) 266-7505


MADISON, WI - Given the opportunity to feed a healthy breakfast and lunch to every child in Wisconsin schools or undermine and attack their teachers instead, Republicans chose the latter. By passing the so-called “Parent’s Bill of Rights,” a pet project of the book-banning brigade, any parent can now sue their kid’s public school for $10,000 if they violate the terms of the bill. 

While most of the “rights” listed in the bill are already law, others are designed specifically to single out LGBTQ+ students and suppress the teaching of any subject a parent deems to be “controversial,” which depending on the parent could include science, health, and nearly all of human history.

One right I fundamentally believe in is the right of every child to be free from hunger. That’s why I introduced an amendment to implement my Healthy School Meals legislation, which would guarantee free, healthy school meals for all students regardless of income, instead of the damaging book-banner’s bill of rights.

While Senate Republicans refused to feed our kids on Fat Tuesday, perhaps we can still convince them to give up attacking our public schools for Lent.