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During Pride Month, Republican members of JCRAR vote to allow continued torture of LGBTQ+ people

 Madison, WI - This afternoon, on strict party lines and with no public hearing, Republicans on the Joint Committee on the Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR) voted to suspend a rule that would have protected vulnerable LGBTQ+ children from so-called “Conversion Therapy,” a practice that has been strongly rejected and condemned by professionals across the globe. This vote took place, ironically, in the middle of Pride Month, as a rainbow flag flew above the State Capitol.

Conversion therapy is a failed attempt to treat a disorder that does not exist. Its tragic legacy is depression, anxiety, even suicide. It was outrageously clear that the Republicans on this committee were doing the bidding of those who reject the idea that people should be able to be who they are and love who they love.

At no point were the supposed merits of conversion therapy ever even discussed by Republicans in the hearing. Instead, they hid behind bogus procedural claims, which stalled this rule at the expense of real people who remain vulnerable to predatory practices under the guise of therapy.

I am deeply disappointed in the vote of these Republican legislators. They know better, and our LGBTQ+ neighbors deserve far better.