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Press Release: Senator Larson Continues to
Support Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana


Milwaukee – “I commend Lt. Gov. Barnes and Rep. Sheila Stubbs for continuing to spotlight the need for marijuana decriminalization. In every legislative session since 2015, I have introduced bills to decriminalize and legalize marijuana.”


“I support legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana in Wisconsin for many reasons, including access to medicine for those who need it, because it is an additional source of revenue, and also to alleviate the burden on our criminal justice system. Decriminalization will reduce arrests of non-violent drug offenders and decrease the population in our over-crowded prisons.”


“Decriminalization is both a fiscal and moral imperative. Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron estimated that Wisconsin spent $170.5 million in 2008 on marijuana prohibition.”


“Across the nation, states are quickly moving to capture the benefits of both legalization and decriminalization with 33 states allowing medical use and 11 states have embraced recreational use. Fifteen states have decriminalized marijuana, and it is long past time for Wisconsin to take this next step.


“Polling shows a growing majority of Wisconsin residents support making marijuana legal. Republican leaders in the legislature will continue to ignore their constituents – and our budget - at their peril.”