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Sen. Larson: Reaction to the Release of Wisconsin Student Assessment System Results


Milwaukee – “Earlier today the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released results from the Wisconsin Student Assessment System (WSAS). As the WSAS is meant to give our state a look into the academic achievement of our students, many are not surprised by the results. Wisconsin’s public school students have again seen a slight decrease in proficiency in English language arts and mathematics.


“This isn’t surprising. It is the result of years of Republican-led deliberate harm to public education.


“The Walker Administration gutted public education funding, allowing Wisconsin to slip below the national average for per pupil spending. According to the Wisconsin Budget Project, if state aid would have maintained 2011 funding levels, our neighborhood schools would have an additional $3.5 billion. With the crippling funding cuts cemented by Legislative Republicans our schools have faced historic challenges in providing students a quality education.


“Our public schools are the backbone of our state. We have a long road ahead of us to provide the best for our students. As the economic future of Wisconsin remains strong, we must invest in our public educators, reduce classroom sizes, and ensure that our schools return to being a point of pride across the state. With the down payment of nearly $570 million in increased K-12 funding made by Governor Evers in the last budget cycle, and continued support from the state, I am confident that our students will achieve academically and be successful in life.”