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The Loss of Former Ambassador to Switzerland Faith Whittlesey is a Loss to The Cause of International Diplomacy


Milwaukee, WI – Today, Senator Chris Larson released the following statement regarding the passing of Ambassador Faith Whittlesey:


“I am truly saddened to learn of the passing of Ambassador Whittlesey yesterday, at her home in Washington DC. I was fortunate enough to get to know Ambassador Whittlesey in 2015 when I, along with 24 other Americans and 25 Swiss, were nominated to her Young Leaders Conference and traveled with her to Switzerland. I will always cherish the memories that were made on that trip and I will always remember Faith Whittlesey for the graciousness with which she welcomed me.


Ambassador Whittlesey will be remembered for her unmatched devotion to the cause of international diplomacy, even years after serving our nation. After serving twice as the Ambassador to Switzerland during the Regan Administration (1981-1983; 1985-1988) she served as the Chairperson and President of the American Swiss foundation. Ambassador Faith Whittlesey founded the annual Young Leaders Conference in 1990. Not one to take a hands off approach, Ambassador Whittlesey guided the program in both planning and recruitment for the last 28 years, as well as personally attending every conference herself.


I truly consider myself lucky to have benefited from being nominated and attending her Young Leaders Conference, and even luckier for having the opportunity to know her. I know that I benefited immensely because I had the privilege to learn from her. My thoughts are with her family today. She was truly one of a kind and she will be missed.”