January 22, 2018


Senator Chris Larson calls for Passage of Senate Joint Resolution 11


Milwaukee, WI – Today, Sen. Chris Larson commemorated the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, by calling for the immediate passage of Senate Joint Resolution 11 (SJR11), the Abortion is Health Care Resolution.


“For 45 years the law of the land has guaranteed a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions without the interference of politicians who think they know better. Stories of what life was like before the Roe v. Wade decision recall a dark and dangerous time in history that is better left to not being repeated. Given the dangerous and extreme political theater in the Walker and Trump administrations, it is important that we strongly affirm this crucial right and avoid turning the clock back 45 years.


“In seven years under Governor Walker, we have seen a steady barrage of attacks on reproductive healthcare options for women. Nationally the situation is even more dire with President Trump boastfully promising to continue to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade protections.


“If Roe is reversed, the legality of abortion would be determined state by state. This would leave women as vulnerable as they were before the court’s decision. Despite public support, Wisconsin is not among the seventeen states that have already moved to affirmatively protect the right to abortion. It is time for Wisconsin to protect this right and pass SJR11.


“Americans have fought for 45 years to protect the right to abortion under Roe, and based on what I hear from my neighbors across Wisconsin, they are ready to renew that protection into law.


“In 2018, abortion coverage should be affordable and accessible for all women, regardless of state, county, or zip code. Health care is a right and we, as a state, should do more to ensure a woman’s overall health: physically, psychologically, and socioeconomically. Those supporting SJR 11 stand for healthy women and strong Wisconsin communities.”