January 29, 2018


Senator Chris Larson, Representative David Bowen, Representative Daniel Riemer, and Milwaukee School Board Director Paula Phillips announce the Launch of ‘America’s Cabinet’


Madison, WI – In answer to growing national frustration, the America’s Cabinet is launching today. America’s Cabinet is a non-partisan effort by a group from the Young Elected Officials Network (YEO). The Cabinet offers a positive vision for what our country could be with effective, constructive leadership.


“A growing number of our neighbors in Wisconsin and across our nation are concerned about the direction of our democracy, but they are also frustrated by the lack of positive, innovative ideas that once defined the spirit of American democracy. America’s Cabinet will go beyond voicing opposition to harmful policies coming out of Washington, the Cabinet will offer a bold vision backed by solid policy ideas to ensure America lives up to its promise and to create a nation that works for all Americans.


Our nation is at a critical crossroad and America’s Cabinet is here to offer solid policy recommendations tackling issues that impact everyday Americans.”


Click here for the complete list of America’s Cabinet members and short videos about what we believe needs to change.