Governor Walker just sealed his legacy as the worst Governor in state history


Milwaukee - Today, Senator Larson released the following statement regarding Governor signing the Republican power grab bills.


“Scott Walker is leaving the Governorship the same way he arrived: in chaos. 

“Since taking office in 1993, Scott Walker’s appetite for the ‘divide and conquer’ accumulation of power was always clear. In his years in office, he has held back Wisconsin from pursuing more affordable health care by rejecting the Medicaid expansion. He held Wisconsin back from being connected to the rest of the country via high speed modern rail. He stood in the way of grants for high speed internet, refused to invest in homegrown renewable energy, and cut education more than any Governor in the history of our state. 

“Never before in our rich 170 year history, has a Governor signed lame duck bills into law that are specifically designed to curtail the power of his successor. These bills are an affront to everyone who voted on November 6th. Now, we will have an incoming Governor whose ability to manage both WEDC and DHS is severely hindered, a Governor who won’t be able to pull us out of the lawsuit that will put people with pre-existing conditions in danger, and a Governor who will be legislatively stopped from fulfilling the central campaign promises Wisconsinites voted for. 

 “Now, in his last act in public office, he eschewed any shred of moral courage and instead went along 100% with the bills as given to him despite the fact that there were bipartisan calls for him to veto the entire package or portions of these regressive bills.”