January 10, 2017

Statement from Senator Chris Larson on the State of the State

MADISON – Today, Senator Chris Larson offered the following comments regarding the governor’s State of the State address.

“We again see that Walker would rather talk about the hard work and success of our Packers than explain his own dismal record. The shared values of our neighbors continue to be betrayed, and Walker’s bleak approval rating shows that our neighbors are ready for a change. Walker and Trump alike do not keep their promises. The uncertainty and angst generated by their dangerous and tired rhetoric are toxic for our communities and our democracy. If we are to ensure prosperity and opportunity in our state, the partisan politics and out-of-touch policies of the past must come to an end.

“Throughout Wisconsin, our neighbors are bearing the brunt of the intentionally irresponsible agenda carried out by Walker and legislative Republicans. The track record of handing out millions of our scarce public resources to a handful of millionaires and campaign contributors and opening the floodgates to collusion, corruption, and corporate cash, proves Walker and legislative Republicans are being dishonest to all of us. In 2017 one big GOP giveaway is estimated to cost $284 million, a disproportionate amount of which is being handed to wealthy millionaires. In fact, $21 million is going to individuals making over $35 million annually. Their self-serving, dark intentions have been revealed over and over at an appalling and deeply unacceptable level.

“That’s why my Democratic colleagues and I are ready to take the lead on ensuring economic security and the freedom to pursue the American Dream for each of our neighbors. We have been listening to the concerns – and hopes – of our fellow citizens who want to see Wisconsin return to being a leader in supporting our neighborhood schools, protecting and enhancing health care access, safeguarding our public lands and waters, and creating safer communities.

“Walker’s speech was a storm of empty words and false promises. The only thing remarkable about his address is that anyone is bothering to listen.”