January 20, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                         

Statement from Senator Chris Larson on the Civil Service Overhaul


MADISON -- The following is a statement from State Senator Chris Larson on today’s passage of Assembly Bill 373, which is yet another Republican scheme that will open the door to cronyism in state government.  

“Governor Walker and legislative Republicans have deceived the public over and over in an effort to sway them against maintaining civil service protections in our state. It was revealed last month that the Trojan Horse of an excuse used by Republicans to demonstrate a ‘tough-to-fire’ situation concerning employee misconduct was untruthful and nothing more than another Walker administration failure.

“Rather than accept responsibility and own up to their ruse, Walker and Republican leaders used the false pretense of ‘civil service employee protection’ to thrust our state on a path of expanding political patronage and corruption with the passage of Assembly Bill 373, diminishing our state’s civil service protections.

“This, unfortunately, is just the latest chapter in a long story from Governor Walker and the GOP trampling on our Wisconsin heritage in order to serve special interests and millionaires. From the failed Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, to the dismantling of our John Doe laws, and politicizing of the Government Accountability Board, there is a dark cloud of corruption that looms over Wisconsin. My neighbors and I are not fooled by what Walker and the GOP are trying to do in our state – fast-track corruption and consolidate power for the wealthy elite.

“We should not legislate based on anecdotes and we certainly shouldn’t govern based on lies. Instead of shredding a 100-year-old, good government protection, we should be working on the real priorities of our Wisconsin neighbors, such as promoting living wage jobs, investing in our neighborhood schools, and addressing our student debt crisis.”


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