September 15, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Statement from Senator Chris Larson on State of Education Address


MADISON -- The following is a statement of State Senator Chris Larson on the State of Education address by Superintendent Evers.

“Superintendent Evers has been a steadfast advocate for our neighborhood schools, and today was no different. I was glad to hear him talk about common sense solutions that our state can be spearheading to ensure all of our kids are able to thrive and live a prosperous life. For instance, Evers highlighted the community schools model as a proven way to remove learning barriers, such as hunger, homelessness, and health care access. Supporting this model will allow our schools to be the center of a community the way they were meant to be.

“Importantly, Superintendent Evers pointed out that equal opportunity for our children starts with equal investment. Currently, Wisconsin is not offering the same educational opportunities for each student due to a poorly crafted funding formula that has created inequity between low and high revenue school districts. The quality of your child’s education should not depend on your geographic location, and fixing this reality should be a priority for state leaders. 

“More and more, communities are passing referendums to try and make up for the state’s failure. Unfortunately, some of our neighborhoods have been squeezed dry and simply cannot make our schools whole alone. They need state legislators to provide all schools with their fair share of funding.

“Under Governor Walker, we've seen our investment in our shared values of quality education crumble. The future of Wisconsin is on the line as Republicans have intentionally underfunded our neighborhood schools in favor of tax breaks for corporations and handing over public money to unaccountable, for-profit voucher schools. 

“Today’s State of Education address is a reminder that we must reinvest in our local, neighborhood schools to ensure a bright future for all Wisconsin children. I look forward to continuing to work my neighbors and colleagues in supporting legislation that will provide all of our students the freedom to pursue their American Dream.” 


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