January 29, 2016

Statement from Senator Chris Larson on Introduction of the Save Our Water Act

MADISON – Senator Chris Larson issued the following statement regarding the introduction of the Save Our Water Act (LRB 4591).

“The recent tragedy in Flint, Michigan is a stark reminder that local control is essential to safeguarding the water we drink. The vast majority of Wisconsin drinking water is currently provided by local water utilities that are accountable to their community and state.

“Just yesterday, a dangerous bill passed the Senate Committee on Workforce Development, Public Works, and Military Affairs, along party lines, which paves the way for increased privatization of our water. The bill was quietly ushered through the state Assembly and is now in the Senate where public outrage over the bill is rapidly pouring into legislative offices.

“Wisconsin drinking water belongs to all of us, it is our shared resource. Freshwater is becoming increasingly valuable and the thirst to profit from it is growing. Clean drinking water is a basic human right, and control of our shared waters by profit seekers is undemocratic and jeopardizes our health, freedom, and prosperity.

“That’s why Representative Stuck and I have introduced the Save Our Water Act, which affirms that our community drinking water should not be a profit source for corporations and upholds our shared Wisconsin value of local control. As such, the Save Our Water Act would prohibit the sale of our water services to profit seekers.

“My Democratic colleagues and I have not heard one person say they can’t wait to pay Monsanto more for their tap water. The Save Our Water Act will ensure that our public water remains public, therefore, I urge my Republican colleagues to move the Save Our Water Act through the Legislature this session.”