February 16, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Statement from Senator Chris Larson on GOP Abandoning Flint-Like Water Bill


MADISON – Senator Chris Larson issued the following statement regarding the abrupt removal of Assembly Bill (AB) 554 from today’s Senate calendar. AB 554 increases the ability for our state’s drinking water to be sold to out-of-state water profiteers.

“Late yesterday afternoon, Republican leadership quietly added AB 554 to the list of bills up for a vote on the Senate floor today. AB 554, also called the Flint Water Bill, is the water take-over scheme that adds hurdles for citizens trying to stop the sale of their public water utilities to profit-seeking corporations.

“Due to widespread outrage from statewide organizations and the public, Senate Republicans were forced to abandon ship and took the unusual course of pulling the bill from the calendar. This retreat is a testament to the advocacy of people across Wisconsin who woke up and spoke up for their drinking water. Wisconsin residents have learned the value of local control from the continued tragedy in Flint, Michigan.

“That said, I call on Senate Republicans to solidify the opposition to public water grabs and pass the Save Our Water Act before session is scheduled to conclude in March. Water is our lifeline, not a pipeline to corporate profit. The Save Our Water Act affirms that our drinking water should not be a profit source for corporations.”