February 23, 2016

Statement from Senator Chris Larson and Representative Robb Kahl on Improving Access to CBD Oil 


MADISON – Senator Chris Larson and Representative Robb Kahl released the following statement today regarding improving access to cannabidiol (CBD) oil to treat children with seizure disorders. 

Last session, we heard heartfelt stories from parents across Wisconsin who were depending on state leaders reaching across the aisle and working together so their children could have access to CBD oil. Specifically, parents of children with seizure disorders have noted positive results after treating their children with CBD oil. This treatment method is also considered by some physicians to be less dangerous and more effective in treating seizures than other methods.

“Unfortunately, since the passage of ‘Lydia’s Law,’ last session, our offices continued to hear from parents who are unable to access CBD oil and are desperate for the Legislature to act.

“Recently, I was approached by a neighbor in my community who shared his own story and disappointment that his family isn’t able to access cannabidiol. He asked that I do something to address this issue,” said Sen. Larson.

Last week, Assembly Bill (AB) 228 passed the state Assembly. AB 228 seeks to address some of the barriers that Wisconsin families face in accessing CBD oil by removing the requirement to have a prescription and protecting families against prosecution for possessing cannabidiol.

Sen. Larson and Rep. Kahl are both proud co-sponsors of AB 228. Unfortunately the bill would not address other obstacles facing Wisconsin families. For instance, the oil is not able to be produced in Wisconsin. That’s why we are proposing a bill (LRB 4462) that will address these additional barriers by doing the following:

  • Establishing a licensure program, administered by the Department of Safety and Professional Services for individuals to produce and distribute CBD oil
  • Allowing a person who holds a license to manufacture CBD oil to possess tetrahydrocannabinols, so long as it is only going to be used to produce nonpsychoactive CBD oil
  • Clarifying that any individual with the appropriate license may distribute CBD oil and any individual may possess CBD oil

“The people of Wisconsin strongly support the use of CBD oil for the treatment of seizures, especially in cases when other treatments have failed,” Kahl stated.  “My office receives calls from voters who are on opposite ends of the political spectrum who have little in common – except for their steadfast belief this medication should be available. In order to do that, we must allow the production of CBD oil in Wisconsin as outlined in this bill.”

We are proud of the bipartisan effort to ensure the passage of ‘Lydia’s Law.’ Once again, it is time for legislative leaders to come together to expand health care options for Wisconsin families. That said, we urge the passage of AB 228 and LRB 4462, which will be submitted today for introduction.