December 13, 2016                                                                                               


Senator Chris Larson Calls for Trump to Tell Truth about Russian Cyberspying 


Madison, WI – Senator Chris Larson released the following statement calling on President-elect Donald Trump to come clean about his involvement with Russian cyber spying and to make good on his promise to release his tax information.   

“Today, President-elect Donald Trump is coming to our state with a dark cloud hanging over him regarding his business interests. Many of us are wondering if he making decisions to benefit the American people and our shared interests, or simply for personal greed.

“Trump must answer this critical question by fully disclosing his shadowy business dealings along with his plan to divest himself, and his family, from all current and impending conflicts. The first step is for Trump to release his taxes and hold a press conference on the topic, something he has repeatedly promised to do.

“Knowing where Trump’s interests lie is important to Wisconsin and important to our country.

“A storm of questions about election meddling by foreign governments to put Trump in the White House continues to build, casting a growing shadow of corruption and illegitimacy.  Top American intelligence agencies have revealed that the Russian government hacked and leaked information with the intent of steering the presidential election to their hand-picked candidate, Donald Trump.  You may remember that during the campaign Trump specifically called for cyber spying by Russia, even enticing their actions by concluding, “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

“The only way to clear the air is for Trump to disclose his secret financial ties with Russia along with his corporate interests that conflict with our American national security and prosperity. The president-elect must also release a plan to shed conflicting assets in a way that neither he nor his family will receive direct enrichment, or be coerced into making decisions against the best interest of all Americans.

“A growing chorus of Americans are calling for this to happen and calling for other leaders from both parties to join us in demanding the truth.

“This is not a partisan issue, it is an American issue. I hope House Speaker Paul Ryan and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will remember the strong stances they took in condemning secret coordination with Russia and take an equally strong stance in calling on Trump to make good on his promises to the people who elected him and those he will soon be sworn to serve. In fact, Pence even went so far as to declare, “If it is Russia and they are interfering in our elections, I can assure you both parties and the United States government will ensure there are serious consequences.”

“It is time for Trump to come clean.”