For Immediate Release:        
March 6, 2015
Contact:          Sen.Larson
White House Partners with States Innovation Exchange to Host State Leaders Summit on Middle Class Agenda and launch ‘Opportunity Works for US’ Agenda  
State Legislative Leaders to Meet with Vice President Biden, Cabinet Secretaries and Senior White House Staff at White House meeting on Friday, March 6, 2014
Washington, DC – Today, I joined state legislative leaders from around the country, Vice President Biden, and Cabinet Secretaries at the White House to discuss the ways in which state lawmakers are supporting policies to help working families. Those policies include bills Democrats in Wisconsin have introduced, such as restoring funding to local schools, Higher Ed, Lower Debt Act, Made In America Act, increasing the minimum wage, restoring equal pay for equal work, expanding access to health care choices for women, and accepting federal Medicaid money to expand BadgerCare in Wisconsin.
While Washington leaders are mired in Congressional gridlock, we are committed to moving forward to make sure there is a thriving middle class in Wisconsin, and throughout the country.
In this country, we have always believed that if you work hard and play by the rules, you should make enough to take care of yourself and your family. But right now working Americans are struggling. Their wages are stagnant, and the fundamentals of a thriving society, such as child care, health care, housing, and education costs are often beyond their reach.
With so many fighting hard to stay afloat, we need to focus on state legislation that gives working families a fair shot at achieving economic security and success. That is why I am also proud to partner with the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), a new non-partisan action-tank, in supporting the ‘Opportunity Works for US’ agenda. We are working to rebuild the middle class, complete with good-paying jobs, increased educational opportunities, a secure retirement, and a healthy environment.
Since its founding last year, SiX has been bringing together partners and resources to develop progressive policies and efforts to counter decades of careful and destructive state-level agenda by conservative groups. I look forward to my continued partnership with SiX, the White House, and my colleagues here in Wisconsin and throughout the country, as we find new and innovative ways to support the hardworking families of America.