March 17, 2015 
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Statement from Senator Larson on Walker’s Budget Tax and Fee Hikes
Walker continues pattern of increasing tax burden on working families
Madison, WI – Today, Senator Larson released the following statement in response to a recently published report from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau that shows Governor Walker’s budget will increase taxes and fees on working families by $48 million dollars.
“Governor Walker is doubling down on his political Ponzi scheme of raising taxes and fees on working families and small businesses to pay for tax giveaways for large corporations. Walker raises our taxes and makes massive cuts to programs vital to our neighbors.
“When you look back at his previous budgets and do the math, since 2011, Walker has actually increased taxes and fees on working families by more than $281 million. He has repeatedly made the choice to gut tax relief for working families and seniors – such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Homestead Tax Credit. All the while, he hikes up fees on families so that it costs them more to do things like camp at our state parks and use public lands. Even worse, Walker then turns his back on the people of Wisconsin, and gives away millions of our hard-earned dollars to corporations with no guarantees that they will create jobs, provide fair wages for workers, or that they won’t outsource.
“As if cutting our investments for our schools, vital health care services for seniors and people with disabilities, and public lands and waters isn’t bad enough, this budget continues an irresponsible pattern of prioritizing profits over people with big corporate giveaways. The governor’s priorities are backwards. He does not represent Wisconsin’s shared values and his budget is wrong for Wisconsin.
“If we want to have a budget that reflects the priorities and shared values of our friends, families, and neighbors, we must end these bait and switch budget gimmicks, and make a serious commitment to investing in our children’s education, promoting the health of our citizens, training our workforce so that they have the opportunity to provide for their families, and most importantly, the freedom to pursue the American dream.”