September 17, 2015
Statement from Senator Chris Larson on State of Education Address
MADISON - The following is a statement of State Senator Chris Larson on the State of Education address by Superintendent Evers.
“One of our cornerstone American principles is that access to quality education is a freedom and right that every child deserves. As we heard today from Superintendent Evers, Wisconsin can no longer honestly say every child has equal access to a good education and the hope of the living the American Dream. It’s long past time we end the political rhetoric and reinvest in our traditional Wisconsin priorities and values to ensure every child obtains the knowledge and skills to put them on a path to success.
“Despite historic cuts made to our traditional neighborhood schools, Governor Walker and Legislative Republicans continue to throw money at unaccountable, for-profit voucher schools.
“It is morally, ethically, and fiscally unacceptable that 57 taxpayer-subsidized voucher schools have been shut down since 2003, yet nothing has been done to ensure taxpayers or our children are protected. The most-recent voucher school to close its doors did so just nine days into the school year, leaving students and parents scrambling for a new school just days before open enrollment ends. How many more kids will wake up in the morning without a school to go to before we put an end to this abuse of our public resources and disservice to our children?
“Study after study shows that voucher schools fail our children. That’s why I introduced Senate Bill 3 would protect our children and families with basic safety and educational standards that every school should practice. Wisconsin must put an end to the blatant waste, fraud, and abuse that has run rampant in the voucher system for the past 25 years."