March 23, 2015         
Statement from Senator Larson on SCOTUS Voter Suppression Decision
SCOTUS decision implements regressive era voter suppression law in WI
Madison, WI – Today, Senator Larson released the following statement in response to the U.S Supreme Court decision not to take action on Wisconsin Republicans’ efforts to make it harder for eligible Wisconsinites to exercise their right to vote:
“I am dismayed to see that the U.S. Supreme Court chose not to hear this case on the voter suppression law that, as it now stands, will disenfranchise thousands of citizens in our state. This arbitrary law showcases the lengths Wisconsin Republicans will go to suppress rights of Wisconsinites. Their actions are nothing but a thinly veiled attack on our constitutionally guaranteed freedom to vote.  It may be legal, but it’s simply un-American.
“Wisconsin,  used to be renowned for is progressive approach to state government, now under Republican rule, it seems to be stuck in a regressive era where we are  hastily dismantling laws and policies that represent our shared values, and were national models.
“Other states in the union are doing the exact opposite of what we are doing in Wisconsin. They are looking to increase access to the ballot by implementing online voter registration and allowing for more early voting options. In the case of Oregon, they recently passed legislation that automatically registers everyone over the age of 18 to vote. These are the types of progressive policies we should be pursuing in Wisconsin.
 “Although arbitrary, we must take steps to ensure that all citizens will be informed about these new restrictions on their freedom, and be able to cast their vote. My Democratic colleagues and I stand ready to assist our neighbors with any questions or concerns they may have regarding obtaining the proper documents and identification to vote.”