February 20, 2015
CONTACT:     Sen.Larson
Statement from Senator Larson on GOP “Right to Work” Announcement
Republicans remain mired on wrong path for Wisconsin
MADISON – The following is a statement from Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) on today’s announcement that Republican leaders are planning an extraordinary session to force through controversial, highly-partisan legislation that attacks Wisconsin’s working families.
"The facts are, if passed into law, RTW means less freedom for workers and hurts all of us. RTW laws reduce worker wages, diminish worker health and safety, at the same time increase poverty and workplace fatalities. This legislation puts Wisconsin in the race to the bottom. It is simply wrong for Wisconsin. 
"Wisconsinites are smart enough to realize that if this legislation were actually going to be good for workers, it wouldn't have the backing of the Koch brothers, regressive think tanks, and corporate interests. 
“Today, Tea Party Republicans make it clear that corporate profiteering is their sole focus when it comes to the economy. Democrats, with the support of a majority of Wisconsin residents, are fighting to protect the wages, health, and safety of Wisconsin workers.
“Once again, Republicans have decided to fast-track legislation that pits neighbor against neighbor and directly attacks those individuals most vital to our economy. I'm calling on any remaining moderate Republicans in the Senate to show some backbone and stand up for their neighbors and not cave to threats by special interest groups.”