April 21, 2015
CONTACT:        Sen.Larson
Statement from Sen. Larson on GOP Repealing 48-hour Cooling-off Period for Gun Purchases
Republicans choose to ignore public safety need, side with special interest groups
Madison, WI – Today, Senator Larson released the following statement in response to the decision by Republicans to ignore the will of the public and side with special interest groups by repealing Wisconsin’s 48-hour cooling-off period on purchasing handguns.
“Today’s actions come as a slap in the face to citizens desperate for solutions to increasing gun violence. Instead of focusing on ways to make our communities safer and implementing background checks for all types of firearm sales – which polling has shown a vast majority of the public and even 74% of National Rifle Association  members support – Republicans took a completely irresponsible step backwards by ignoring the public safety and mental health needs of our community. We must do more to protect families against gun violence, not cave to the influence and pressure of gun manufacturers and lobbyists.
“Unfortunately, today we saw another clear example of Republicans in the state putting special interest groups before people and sound public policy. Republicans passing this bill today is like eliminating stoplights, and pretending there won’t be more accidents.
“Republicans in the Legislature need to put aside their blind support for Governor Walker’s ambitions, and stop passing bills to bolster his rhetoric while he tries to leave Wisconsin behind. Instead, should join us in focusing on improving the quality of life of our neighbors here in Wisconsin. We’d be much better off as a state if leaders instead promoted our state’s shared values, such as investing in our kids’ schools, improving access to basic health care services, and creating family-supporting jobs that will help us grow the economy.”