January 5, 2015
State Senator Chris Larson Statement on Inauguration
Renews Effort to Tackle Upcoming Challenges to Wisconsin
Madison – Sen. Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) was sworn into office at the State Capitol today, as State Senator of the 7th Senate District. This will be Sen. Larson’s second term serving in the Wisconsin State Legislature.
“I am honored that my neighbors in the 7th Senate District have chosen me to once again represent them in the Legislature,” said Larson. “I look forward to the opportunity to fight for what is in the best interest of our community, and our state’s shared values.”
“My neighbors continue to express concern over the state of our economy, but are equally worried about the negative impact of the massive cuts over the past four years to education, health care and other vital services our community needs,” said Larson. “Republicans continue to spend more of our public dollars than at any other time in history, while at the same time ignoring calls by parents, teachers, and local school districts to restore the largest cut to education in state history. The governor and his allies are borrowing more than we have in a generation and yet they continue to refuse to accept millions of dollars in Medicaid funding. Unfortunately, because of their failed policies, our state continues to lag behind the rest of the country in economic growth and the stage is being set to once again blame workers so more profit can move to the top.”
“More people are fighting for the American Dream but feel the deck is stacked against them. These are the folks we must continue to fight for, not just those that already have made it,” said Larson, “More and more people are fighting for the American dream but feel the deck is stacked against them. These are the folks we must continue to fight for; not just those that already made it.I want to help make Wisconsin a place we want to raise our children, where we can get a good job with a livable wage, that has an education system that is second to none, and where all families have an equal opportunity to succeed.”
“There is a lot of work that needs to be done this session and I am ready to tackle the upcoming challenges on behalf of the people in my district and the great state of Wisconsin,” said Larson.
Sen. Larson has been appointed to serve on the Senate Committee on Education, Senate Committee Labor and Government Reform, and the Senate Committee on Workforce Development, Public Works, and Military Affairs.
Last session Senator Larson had the honor and privilege of serving as Senate Democratic Leader. Prior to working in the Legislature, Sen. Larson served as a Milwaukee County Supervisor and small business manager. He currently resides in Bay View with his wife Jessica, son Atticus and daughter Stella.