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January 13, 2015                                                                                                                                                              
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Reaction from Senator Chris Larson to the State of the State Address
MADISON – Today, Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) offered the following comments regarding the governor’s State of the State address.
“Unfortunately, tonight Governor Walker laid out yet another irresponsible agenda for our state. What we heard were more empty promises and right-wing talking points that appeal to Tea Party voters in other states, but ultimately don’t address the snowballing problems he has created here in Wisconsin.”
“The governor and Republicans are using broad brush strokes to paint over the reality of the past four years. Let’s not be swooned into forgetting that this is the same governor and Republican legislature who:
  • Turned their back on Wisconsin’s tradition of quality public school investment, creating a values deficit of more than $500 million by making largest cut to public education in state history. At the same time they spent millions more on private, unaccountable voucher schools
  • Gave away more than $350 million of our money by rejecting an opportunity to strengthen BadgerCare
  • Mandated forced vaginal ultrasounds on women seeking abortions, including survivors of rape and incest
  • Created a state agency that is plagued with incompetence and failure, and that has lost track of millions of dollars 
  • Allowed our health, economy, land, water, and air to be endangered by sand mine profiteers
  • Stripped from Wisconsin law the guarantee that women receive equal pay for equal work
“Because of Republican’s backward policies, Wisconsin faces a $2.2 billion budget deficit and lags behind other Midwestern states in job creation. This is not the time to double down on an extreme agenda of failure. Across Wisconsin people are asking themselves if they are better off now than before the recession, and the answer from unemployed workers, parents of public school children, college students, seniors, and countless others, is no.”
“Democrats are asking the governor to put his own ambitions aside and work with us on good public policy that prioritizes Wisconsin’s working class families, helps educate all children, and protects our senior citizens and veterans. Polices such as:
  • Ensuring workers receive a fair, livable wage
  • Closing the values deficit by reversing the largest cuts in state history to public education and make sure all schools receiving public investments are held to the same fair standards
  • Increasing access to health care by expanding BadgerCare to more of our neighbors
  • Reducing the cost of tuition and college debt for students seeking higher education 
  • Reinstating the right to equal pay for equal work
  • Re-strengthening  our tech colleges and worker training programs
“These will help build to a stronger future for all Wisconsinites. It’s time we stop putting politics before people and get to work.”
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