August 28, 2014
Wisconsin GOP's Budget Crisis is Failing Wisconsin Families, Communities
MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding news that the state appears to have a projected revenue shortfall of $281 million:
“While we knew that many of the extreme policies rammed through by Wisconsin Republicans this session were morally bankrupt, we now know that they were fiscally bankrupt, too.
“The bottom line is that Walker and legislative Republicans are failing to lead.  Instead, they are pushing our state backwards by putting corporate and political giveaways before the economic health and security of our communities. 
“Wisconsin is continuing to spend more and borrow more than we have in a generation, and they’re doing it at the expense of our neighbors’ future.  Too many Wisconsin families are working harder than ever, yet falling farther behind, because Governor Walker and Republican politicians have been hell-bent on pursuing an extreme Tea Party agenda.
“Instead of working with Wisconsin Democrats to make smart investments in our public schools and local economies, legislative Republicans decided to max out our credit card on handouts to political donors and extreme special interests.
“Today’s numbers showcase that it’s no surprise our neighboring states are far outpacing Wisconsin and that we are dead last – tenth out of ten in the Midwest – in job growth.
“Especially when looking at the tale of two states between Minnesota and Wisconsin, Minnesota has a $168 million surplus, has eliminated their structural deficit, and are outdoing us in economic growth.  They are on a path to prosperity, while Tea Party politics continue to drag us to the bottom.”