​ October 22, 2014



Wisconsin GOP Budget Crisis Cover-up Exposed

MADISON – This morning, PolitiFact Wisconsin handed Gov. Walker and Republican legislators a “False” rating on their attempts to cover-up our state’s staggering budget deficit. 
In their rating, PolitiFact cites how their “rosy number flies in the face of the official estimate that uses a long-established method used by members of both parties, and the governor’s budget office.”  They go on to cite that, using this official estimate, the “bottom line” is that Wisconsin faces a $1.8 billion deficit heading into 2015 due to the actions of Walker and Republican legislators.
In response to the rating, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson issued the following statement:
“Time and time again, Gov. Walker and Republican legislators have betrayed the trust of Wisconsin families by hiding from the facts and refusing to accept the reality of the budget crisis they created in our state.  Today, they were caught red-handed in their blatantly political attempt to cover-up our staggering budget deficit.
“The fact is that Wisconsin faces a $1.8 billion deficit heading into 2015.  Our neighbors and families deserve honest answers from Gov. Walker and Republican legislators, and it’s about time they own up to their massive spending spree and come clean with an actual plan to pay their tab.”