October 15, 2014


Wisconsin Families Deserve Real Answers – Not More Political Spin – From GOP

MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson issued the following statement regarding the Department of Administration’s annual fiscal report for 2014, which shows that Wisconsin Republicans’ budget spent millions more than it brought in and doesn’t change the fact that Wisconsin faces a budget deficit:
“For months, Gov. Walker and Republican legislators have been in outright denial about the budget crisis they’ve created in our state. Today, this crisis remains unaddressed as they continue to run from the facts and refuse to accept reality.
“No matter how much political spin they use, they cannot hide the fact that Wisconsin is in a staggering budget crisis because of their extreme actions – including giving away our money to their special interest friends, putting extreme ideology before our health and economic security, and decimating our local public schools.
“Because of these bad decisions, our state has floundered at 35th in private sector jobs across the country since the first quarter of 2011, and we remain dead last – 10th out of ten – among our fellow Midwest states during that same period.
“Wisconsin families deserve the truth and honest answers from Gov. Walker and Republican legislators. When will they finally come clean with an actual plan to fix the budget crisis they created in our state?
“My Democratic colleagues and I will continue our fight for a Wisconsin future that invests in our neighbors, local schools, workers, and small businesses. Doing so will provide much-needed opportunities for our workers and families and bring Wisconsin back to the top, where we belong.”