​April 1, 2014
Throughout Session, Democrats Fought for Freedom, Justice
MADISON – Today, on the last day of the 2013-2014 session, Senate Democrats fought to maintain and expand justice and freedom for neighbors across Wisconsin. Despite majority inaction on legislation to create jobs, expand access to affordable health care or pass Fair Funding for our public schools, Wisconsin Senate Democrats fought hard to expand access to the middle class for all Wisconsin families.
Regarding the end of session, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson made the following statement:
"This session we accomplished some good, bipartisan policies and I am very grateful to my Democratic colleagues who took the reins and advocated for the adoption of smart, common sense legislation. I am also very proud of my fellow Democratic senators for standing up this session against persistent aggression aiming to limit the freedom of Wisconsin families to achieve the American Dream.
"Senators from all across Wisconsin were elected to bring family-supporting jobs back to their districts. I am grateful for the hard work we put forward by introducing smart, effective job creation legislation despite repeated majority opposition. Fortunately, by crafting thoughtful, well researched, and inventive economic development policies, we were able to get some of our job creation bills through the Legislature even with the many obstacles put before us.
"My fellow Democratic senators were valiant in the battle to give our children better than we had—to ensure that the next generation of Wisconsin workers will be more skilled, more entrepreneurial, and more creative. Despite our efforts, many of Wisconsin’s children will again walk into schools struggling to get by on even less than after the historic cuts of the previous budget. An investment in our children is an investment in Wisconsin's future economy, and these repeated cuts hurt our state.
"This session, unfortunately, has also been mired by missed opportunities to invest in our future. Our local roads are ridden with potholes; private voucher schools are running away with tax dollars intended for our children; and young, elderly, and working Wisconsinites are facing increased restrictions on access to voting. We should have done more for the people.
"It's my hope that we return next year with the stories of our neighbors and work hard together to provide them with the freedom to succeed, which will in-turn put Wisconsin back on top."