Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson’s Statement on Walker’s Tech College Hypocrisy
Walker’s Gimmick Doesn’t Mask GOP Draconian Cuts to Technical Colleges
MADISON – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding Gov. Walker’s hypocrisy on technical colleges:
“Wisconsin’s technical colleges are at the heart of our communities’ efforts to give our workers the tools they need to succeed and provide our local businesses with skilled, hard-working employees.
“Unfortunately, Governor Walker’s political rhetoric today doesn’t match his actual record on technical colleges.  Rather, it showcases a disturbing that Republican leaders do not value education.
“He, along with legislative Republicans, cut $70 million from these great schools and has not come close to restoring the investments needed to provide necessary job training.  For Walker to expect celebration while this opportunity deficit remains is simply laughable.
“Especially after reports of Wisconsin ranking last in the Midwest on job creation and Walker’s administration giving our money to corporations that outsourced job opportunities, it‘s time to stop the gimmicks and take meaningful action to provide opportunities for Wisconsin workers and our local businesses.
“From expanding student financial aid to increasing enrollment capacity, Senate Democrats will continue our fight to make smart investments in Wisconsin communities and our local technical colleges.”