​January 22, 2014
Statement on the State of the State Address 
MADISON – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson offered the following comments regarding the policy released in the governor's State of the State address.
"Tonight, Governor Walker laid out an irresponsible plan that our children will be forced to pay off.
"Wisconsin continues to lag the nation in job creation, falling to 37th nationally and last in the Midwest. With the announcement of a $911 million projected surplus, Governor Walker is spending our state into an $800 million structural deficit. Governor Walker's budgeting is like parents paying for a lavish graduation party with their children's college fund—it's just not smart economic policy.
"Families across Wisconsin asked themselves tonight whether their family is better off than before the recession, and the answer from unemployed workers, parents of public schoolchildren, college students, seniors and countless others, the answer is no.
"Governor Walker has failed to take a balanced approach to a projected budget surplus by ignoring the structural deficit, and the $93 million Medicaid and $19 million W-2 budget shortfalls.
"Wisconsin may have a projected surplus – but it was built on cuts to public schools, job training and local communities, along with higher taxes on seniors and low-income working families.  We should instead focus on job creation with investments in education and job training, true middle-class property tax relief and reduce Gov. Walker's over $800 million structural deficit."