​June 30, 2014
Statement on Harris v. Quinn Ruling
MADISON – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement on today’s ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States on Harris v. Quinn:
“Our workers are the builders of our economy and our communities – rather than hampering their ability to create opportunity, we should be giving them the brick and mortar freedoms needed to ensure workplace safety and prosperity. 
“This anti-worker ruling was made by a partisan Supreme Court that is again acting more like politicians in robes than as impartial arbiters of the law.  It limits the freedom of workers to organize for fair wages and safe working conditions and negatively impacts communities across Wisconsin and the entire country.
“These rights were taken away in Wisconsin just a few years ago, and we have already seen the devastating effects first hand.  Just look at how worker safety has diminished for correction officers, who have reported increased incidents and injuries.  These hard-working neighbors help keep our communities safe, and yet their freedom to feel safe and secure on the job has been stripped away.
“While today’s ruling represents extreme efforts to undermine the rights of workers to be treated with respect and dignity, Senate Democrats will continue to work for the rights and freedoms of workers and build an economy that works for all of us.”