July 16, 2014​                                                       
Statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on BadgerCare Enrollment Numbers
Numbers Highlight Unnecessary and Cavalier Decision to Deny Health Care Security for Thousands of Wisconsinites
MADISON – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding the Walker administration’s release of new Medicaid enrollments numbers:
“Needlessly denying our families and neighbors the security of health care is simply unethical.  Whether intentional or not, Walker’s experiment is having real-world damage on thousands of our neighbors and preventing them from pursuing happy, healthy, and productive lives.
“The enrollment numbers released today clearly show that Walker and legislative Republicans cavalierly and unnecessarily kicked thousands of Wisconsinites off of their BadgerCare.  It is time for Walker and legislative Republicans to admit that their self-serving experiment is not working and accept federal relief that will cover more of our neighbors, save us money, and create jobs.
“Senate Democrats, along with communities across our state, continue to call for Wisconsin Republicans to make the common-sense decision to bring our federal funds back to Wisconsin and provide access to health care.  It is not too late for Walker and Senate Republicans to say ‘yes’ to health care security for Wisconsinites and ‘no’ to extreme partisan experiments.  I urge them to reverse course immediately.”