August 5, 2014


Statement on Anniversary of Sikh Temple Tragedy   

MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding the anniversary of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting:
“Today, we remember the shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin that occurred just two years ago. This terrible tragedy rocked our community, and brought the topic of racially-based hatred to the forefront of national discussion.
"Since this shooting, our Oak Creek neighbors have banded together to host community gatherings, such as remembrance ceremonies or run/walks, that honor lost loved ones and discuss the prevention of future violence. When looking back on this truly heartbreaking occurrence, it's comforting to see that people across Wisconsin have taken a stand, saying that senseless violence, hatred, and racism will not be tolerated in our communities.
"Ultimately, the aftermath of this tragedy has proven that our Oak Creek community is resilient and cannot be defined by the hatred of one individual."