March 4, 2014
Senate Republicans Vote Against Eliminating Structural Deficit
Senate Republicans Prioritize Tax Break for Wealthy over Fiscal Prudence
MADISON – Today, Senate Democrats introduced a responsible amendment to Governor Walker's plan to spend the state's projected surplus.
The Senate Democratic plan makes five simple changes to increase property tax cut fairness and spur job creation. The Democratic amendment changes include:
  1. Eliminating the tax giveaway for the wealthiest among us,
  2. Doubling the proposed transfer to the Budget Stabilization Fund (or the Rainy Day Fund),
  3. Nearly doubling average property tax relief for middle-class families to $231,
  4. Tripling proposed funding for worker training, and
  5. Eliminating the structural deficit.
"Senate Democrats believe that these funds should be used to make smart investments in our communities while eliminating future debts," said Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson. "We double average property tax relief, double savings in the Rainy Day Fund, triple investment in worker training, all while completely eliminating the structural deficit. The GOP tax giveaway provision was deleted in the Senate Democratic plan to ensure that everyone pays their fair share."

The Senate Democratic plan took a balanced approach to some good ideas and found ways to do them in a responsible manner. By eliminating the structural deficit, Senate Democrats ensured that at the start of the next state budget, we are not forced to start the budget with enormous cuts while investing in worker training and the Rainy Day Fund. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans rejected the plan to do more with less.