March 11, 2014
Senate GOP Limits Freedom in Dark of Night
To Avoid Scrutiny, GOP Delays Attack on Freedom Until Last Hours of Session
MADISON – Today, the Senate passed legislation that attacks the basis of our Democracy: constitutional right to vote. Despite many attempts by Senate Democrats to improve these bills, they were passed after dark without compromise. In reaction to the Senate Republican's outrageous attempts to limit voting, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement:
"As Senate Republicans continue their witch hunt, claiming fraud as often as they see their shadow, it is refreshing that the Senate Republican Leader admitted that legislation to limit absentee in-person voting access is about limiting the freedom to vote. This legislation is clearly a warning shot to anyone that doesn't agree with the majority party: if you don’t support their policies, they're going to limit your constitutional right to vote.
"On one of the last days of session, while Wisconsin is trailing most states in job creation, our focus should be on job creation, not limiting the constitutionally protected rights of Wisconsin citizens."