​March 18, 2014

Senate Democrats Win Affordable Health Care Battle for Cancer Patients
Despite Strong Bipartisan Support, Fitzgerald Attempts to Deny Affordable Health Care Access for Cancer Patients
MADISON – Today, Senate Democrats won another battle for affordable health care access, this time for cancer patients in Wisconsin. After news reports revealed that a bill to reduce costs for oral chemotherapy had support from all but five Republican Senators, Democrats joined some Republicans to bring this bill to the floor.
"Today, Senate Democrats fought for cancer patients in Wisconsin and won," said Senate Democratic Leader Larson. "Despite opposition from insurance special interests and some corporate Republicans, the Senate passed legislation to help cancer patients afford the high costs of chemotherapy."
"Following the Republican Leader's decision to employ arcane procedural maneuvers blocking the passage of legislation, a bipartisan solution was reached.  Cancer patients across Wisconsin will no longer be forced to pay enormous costs out-of-pocket for oral treatment and families will no longer bare the strain of those high costs.
"Senate Democrats are proud to have led the fight for affordable access to cancer treatment. Now it is time for the Assembly to pass it and Governor Walker to sign it."