April 8, 2014                                                                                  

Senate Democrats Support Equal Pay for Equal Work
On Equal Pay Day, Senate Democrats Stand in Support of Wisconsin Women's Freedom to Earn a Fair Wage
MADISON – On the day highlighting the pay disparity between men and women across Wisconsin and the entire nation, Senate Democrats stood up for the freedom of Wisconsin women to earn a fair wage in the workplace.
"Our mothers, daughters, and sisters deserve no less than equal treatment in the workplace, and that starts with an equal wage," said Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson. "Senate Democrats have fought for the freedom of Wisconsin women to earn a fair wage in the workplace because 229,080 Wisconsin households are headed by women. Last session, Senate Republicans voted to repeal Equal Pay Enforcement, moving us in the wrong direction. This session, Senator Hansen introduced legislation to reenact the Equal Pay Enforcement Act that gives equal pay laws teeth. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans maintained their opposition to equal pay for equal work for women and rejected legislation to increase fairness in the workplace.
"When a majority of women are either the primary or co-breadwinner in their family, pay equity is an issue that affects the entire family."