May 30, 2014
Report Shows WEDC Still Failing Wisconsin
MADISON – Today, the nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization One Wisconsin Now released a deeply troubling report illustrating the continue culture of corruption at Governor Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).
“Despite scandal after scandal and unyielding requests for reform by the public, Governor Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation continues to play fast and loose with job creation investments as if they were Monopoly money,” said Senator Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee). “The citizens of Wisconsin deserve more from this floundering institution than failing job creation efforts and encouraging pay-to-play politics.”
According to the report, companies that donated to Governor Walker and the Republican Governors Association received a shocking $570 million of the nearly $975 million in awards issued by WEDC through 2013. Some of these political donations were even made immediately preceding or following issuance of WEDC incentives.
Additionally, WEDC continues to skirt their job creation responsibilities by failing to hold companies accountable for their job creation promises. As stated in the report, 46% of companies receiving job creation incentives from WEDC neglected to report any progress on their job creation efforts.