​February 18, 2014                                                                            
No Action from GOP to Fix Wisconsin's #1 Ranking in Jobless Claims
Senate Republicans Prioritize Rubber Ducks, Anemic Voucher Accountability over Job Creation
MADISON – One week after Wisconsin was reported to be number one in the nation for new jobless claims, Republicans focused Senate efforts on changing deadlines and rubber duck races over any job creation efforts.
"Once again, Wisconsin leads the nation in new jobless claims," said Senate Democratic Leader Larson. "Today, we could have taken action on one of the many job creation bills that would have helped turn around the stagnant economy that Wisconsin's middle-class families are enduring. Instead, Senate Republicans chose to pass anemic voucher accountability legislation and a rubber duck racing bill."
Senator Larson continued, "When schools are closing in the dark of night after amassing millions in taxpayer dollars, legislation claiming to be 'voucher accountability' should do more than just move up the timeline of a single requirement to comply with a unified reporting system. True voucher accountability would require background checks on teachers and administrators; it require voucher teachers to be licensed; it would unify graduation standards, require voucher schools to be located in Wisconsin and enact many other common sense reforms. True voucher accountability would also include claw-back provisions to ensure fly-by-night school owners like the one that closed in Milwaukee cannot run away to Florida with millions of taxpayer dollars without educating Wisconsin's children."
"We should not celebrate a false victory but instead recommit ourselves to actually passing an accountability bill to hold taxpayer-funded schools accountable."